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These beers have been brewed in the past by Clark's Brewery, but may be revived, although not necessarily at exactly the same strength. Light blue indicates an archived seasonal which may be revived from time to time, fuchsia a former special or occasional, light green brews were seasonals for 2004 as suggested by the staff at various Clark's depots around the region. Anything is possible in the future! Note that Classic Brunette after a promising start, has, in effect, bombed and as of July 2006 will no longer be brewed at all.

Burglar  Bill 4.4% dark brown with hoppy & fruity aroma and tastes, dry finish, July-Aug
Code Red 4.2% April/May seasonal
Nutcracker Barrel 4.5% May/June seasonal, a nut-brown mild
Bursting Nectar 4.5% June/July seasonal
Summer Ale 4.4% July/August seasonal, previously brewed at 4.2%
Anniversary Ale 4.2% August/September seasonal, originally to have been called Shepherd's D'Light, celebrates 21 years of the new brewhouse
Indian Summer 4.0% September/October seasonal
Juicy Lucy 3.6 October/November seasonal
Traditional 3.8% refreshing session bitter brewed to the original Clarks recipe, Oct-Dec seasonal
Festival Ale 4.2% straw coloured with light crisp fruity flavour
Christmas Moon 3.8% November/December seasonal including 2004
Scrooge's Brew 4.6% November/December seasonal including 2004
Treble Hop 3.8% a mild brown bitter with a fruity malty taste & a distinctive hoppy aroma
Huntsman 4.0% well-balanced session bitter brewed with 5 different hops
Double Crown 4.0% dark brown with nutty flavour, malty finish & hoppy aftertaste
Fresher's Gauge 5.0% brewed for the new students at the local college
Dreadnought 8.4% very powerful, only brewed at time of Wakefield Beer Festival
Black Cap    
Hammerhead 5.7% robust strong bitter with deep hop flavour & dry malt finish, revived at a lower abv for October 2005
Winter Warmer 6.0% strong dark, bitter-sweet roasted malt flavour, fruit notes 
Roman Candle 4.0% for November 2000
True Millennium 4.6% for New Year 2001
Frostbite 4.0% for January 2001
Valentines Ale 5.0% golden fruity ale "to cherish your heart"-dry hopped Golden Hornet
Ginger Beer 5.0% Golden Hornet plus ginger
Grand Prix 4.6% for July and Silverstone
Googly 4.2% for August and height of the cricket season
Belfry 3.8% for September
Trick or Treat 4.4% for October & Hallowe'en
Cinder Toffee 4.0% for November and the Fifth
Stargazer 4.6% for January 2002
Old Amos 4.6% premium full malt ale fruity & hoppy with a hint of caramel
City Gent 4.2% hoppy refreshing premium golden ale with dry bitter aftertaste, generously hopped originally for the London trade, Aug-Sep
Henry's Double 3.9% light to mid-brown nutty bitter
Festival Ale 4.2% straw coloured with light crisp fruity flavour
Two Jags 4.0% for February 2004, surely suggested by Hull depôt
No.1 Clarets 4.4% for March 2004, flagging up Burnley FC, just over the hill from Keighley depôt
Steel City's Best 4.2% for April 2004, suggested by Sheffield depôt
Head to Head 4.0% for May 2004, coffee overtones, suggested by Stockton depôt
Top O' Tower 4.8% for June 2004, with Czech hops, suggested by H B Clark Blackpool
Sherwood's Best Bitter 4.0% for July 2004, from the FAM depôt on Sherwood Industrial Estate at Robin Hood
Clumbers Champion Cream 4.6% for August 2004, a suggestion from Worksop depôt
County's Dream 4.2% for September 2004, could be a suggestion from Stockport depôt
Udders Henchmen 4.5% for October 2004 from the guys at the former Pickards depôt at Huddersfield
Canny Lad 4.4% for November 2004, likely to be a suggestion from Newcastle depôt
My Flock's Bitter 4.1% beer with an allegedly minty flavour brewed for Rotherham's 2004 Oakwood (sheep-themed)  Festival. Punters said it had an aroma and taste more like fennel.
Classic Brunette 4.2% a new darker (traditional beer coloured) beer  with a distinctive aroma and a spicy blackcurrant flavour, Bramling Cross & Challenger hops are used