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James & Kirkman

(successor, expected to have a new name)

Outgang Brewery, Kinsley

now in full production


Bosun's Brewing Co

Chin Chin Brewing Chin  Chin 

Our microbrewers really are micro, usually one-man operations. Click to select.

The Reindeer at Overton has its own microbrewery named Cap House - Caphouse Colliery is just down the hill from the Reindeer. The brewery has been set up in part of a plastics packaging factory in Batley (Heavy Woollen CAMRA territory). Click on this link to view captioned photos of Cap House Brewery plus a visit by Wakefield CAMRA in early 2013 to marvel at the progress. Trinity has now closed and the brewplant has transferred to Morley Brewery. Chin Chin has moved from South Elmsall to new premises with a 5bbl plant at South Kirkby. Under the new ownership of the Robin Hood, Pontefract, the on-site brewplant is expected to take on a new guise.