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Beowulf Brewing Company

The Beowulf Brewing Company, Forest of Mercia, Chasewater Country Park, Pool Road, Brownhills, Staffordshire, WS8 7NL
Telephone & Fax: 01543 454067.
Visit www.beowulfbrewery.co.uk for a history of the brewery.

Visited by Wakefield CAMRA Saturday 26th October 2008

The brewery is now housed in a modern craft workshop, a building nevertheless constructed with a traditional oak frame and what should have been authentic wattle and daub with cowdung, but for foot and mouth precautions at the time. So the building is actually more appropriate as a home for Finn's Hall Porter than the old Co-Op shop in Birmingham. Many Beowulf beers have Anglo-Saxon names, the only reason that more don't is that so many Anglo-Saxon names would be unpronounceable for local pubgoers.
The brewing team consists of owner Phil Bennett, here standing by the copper.
From the left, copper, mash tun, what looks like a spare mash tun and what might be serving as a cold liquor tank.
Phil receives a commemorative certificate from Wakefield CAMRA Chairman Mark Goodair.

You can see these pictures and more from the visit, at higher resolution on this Picasa Web Album. On this day the branch also called at the new Backyard Brewhouse on the other side of Brownhills.