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Burton Bridge Brewery

24 Bridge Street, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1SY

tel: (01283) 510573 website

Wakefield Branch Visit, Saturday 16th September 2006

Situated beside the River Trent, behind the former Fox & Goose, now the Burton Bridge Inn, the Burton Bridge Brewery's plant, originally squeezed into what is again the back bar of the pub, runs very much on the old "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" principle, and it's very much the same with their brews, mainly tried and trusted recipes relying on use of the best quality ingredients to maintain quality. We were surprised to learn that even though they're in Burton, because they use town's water rather than their own boreholes, they do need to "Burtonise" their water to a varying extent. Burton Bridge beers were at our Merrie City 2006 Beer Festival, and have been on a number of previous occasions.

When you have contracts with Wetherspoons that means there are a lot of casks to be washed, here, as you see, without the benefit of automation.

Amid the stacks of casks in the yard, Wakefield Members hear of the history of Burton Bridge Brewery from partner Bruce Wilkinson.

Bruce Wilkinson receives a commemorative plaque from Wakefield Chairman, Mark Goodair

Although the brewery has a ten tonne Dodge lorry and a 35 cwt delivery vehicle partner Geoff Mumford's pride and joy is this Morris Commercial that he's nearly finished restoring in brewery livery. He was actually underneath - the nearest we ever got to photographing him!

As well as calling at a number of Burton Bridge pubs in the town most Wakefield members made a point of spending a good part of their afternoon at what used to be the Bass Museum of Brewing, and is now the Coors Visitor Centre and the Museum of Brewing.