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Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

We blokes have all been into the classic pub gents' toilet, all deep-down grime where one basin has a tap that just spins around, the next has a corroded push button that simply does not work and the third basin shoots out water that soaks your flies, and of course the dryer doesn't work either. (As usual the parallel ladies' is pristine). This, not a glowing portal nor a twinkling starship is where time travel starts for sci-fi geek Ray (Chris O'Dowd) just sacked from his job as a starship trooper in a theme park and drowning his sorrows with mates fellow-geek Toby (Marc Wootton) with the notebook and cynical Pete (Dean Lennox Kelly) in their local, the Wheatsheaf. Ray slips through to the snug (mind your head!) and meets the gorgeous Cassie (Anna Faris) who's a time traveller looking for a leak in the space-time continuum, a leak that seems to be in that gents'. Lots of fast moving through time including to an apoclypse in 3094 (you get that from the sell-by date on the crisps) with giant insects and other unseen perils. "Have you got shit on you, Pete?" "They don't attack you if you wear the scent". If I have a quibble it's that it was frustratingly short - wanted to hang on to some of those comedic moments a bit longer, especially the fan night scene at some point in the future where they find everyone in the pub garden is dressed as one of themselves (too complex to explain here). One thing in its favour: a funny sci-fi film with a film set that must have cost a cool 300 and the self denigration shown by the "heroes" - it will sure confuse most Americans!

You may know Chris O'Dowd from the IT Crowd, Marc Wootton from My New Best Friend and La La Land, Dean Lennox Kelly from Shameless, Anna Faris from Lost in Translation, Scary Movie and The House Bunny.

"If you enjoyed Shaun of the Dead this one will be up your street."

"This is the worst film of the week, a dire British comedy" -The Grauniad.

It costs around 3.99 from the usual outlets.

printed in O-to-K Autumn 2011 text RKW