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651 Leeds Road, Outwood, Wakefield WF1 2LU telephone 01924 781887         e-mail malcolmbastow@googlemail.com    blogspot

CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Five Towns is George Denton

For several years Malcolm Bastow's been a very ambitious amateur operation located in Outwood, a Northern suburb of Wakefield. Malcolm, by day a nurse, has now been granted a Licence to Brew and started brewing in early September 2008. The interior walls of the brewhouse at the rear of Malcolm's home have been coated with antibacterial paint. Casks banded in the blue, yellow and white colours of Leeds United have arrived and a 2½ barrel plant from Porter Brewing of Haslingden is now installed. The very first brew, Indian Summer 3.8% abv, which used Pilgrim and Cascade hops, was a complete sell-out. The second brew was the 4.4% hoppy traditional bitter "A Day at the Races". Malcolm's plan is for three regular beers, a light, an amber and a dark, plus specials. As of October 2008 the three regular beers were the 4.6% Callum's Best a dark coloured bitter brewed with Maris Otter and Chocolate Malt, giving a full flavour and bitter finish, 4.4% Outwood Bound a chestnut coloured beer with a toffee nose and strong dry bitter finish, and 3.9% Outside Edge an easy drinking, light coloured and lightly flavoured beer finished with Cascade hops. Brewing usually takes place on a Saturday or Sunday and casking on a Thursday or Friday. After test bottling a small batch of Niamh’s Nemesis and Callums Best Bitter at Ilkley Brewery, Malcolm is planning to purchase a bottling plant from Leek Brewery and produce bottle conditioned beers from the brewery by Autumn 2010. These will include  regular beers and a rotating Mild, Stout and Wheat Beer. Malcolm keeps his own beer blog pretty much up to date so that's the best place to find the latest brews. 

Malts are sourced from Fawcetts of Castleford, and hops from Charles Faram.

Picasa Web Album of photos taken on the brewery's first visit by a branch of CAMRA. 17th May 2009 (Wakefield of course!), subsequently updated with the brewery dray and new illuminated sign.

This is the exterior of the brewhouse, located in the brewer's back garden.

...........and this is the brewer himself, Malcolm Bastow.

Click here to view a Picasa Web Album with many more photos of the brewery and images of Five Towns pumpclips with taste notes.

CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Five Towns is George Denton.