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Great Heck Brewing Co.

Rosebank Cottage, Main Street, Great Heck, North Yorkshire DN14 0BQ  tel: 01977 661430

This picture, believed to be from a cheap mobile phone, shows the original Great Heck brewhouse on the left at the side of the village butchers shop where it served as the slaughterhouse, and on the right the dwelling house which as of July 2010 was to be adapted to provide larger premises for the brewery. You can see Rosebank Cottage on this Picasa Album.
Brewer Denzil Vallance is a planker.
The Bull and Fairhouse on George Street, Wakefield serves as Great Heck's brewery tap.
Denzil can be seen here most Thursday evenings performing his completely barmy quiz.

You can see pictures of Wakefield CAMRA's visit on 4 October 2008 on this Picasa Web Album which may not yet be captioned, also a general Great Heck Web Album which has informative captions. Now added is a Web Album of our Great Heck Day 2010 and a 2012 album showing the brewery now next door at Rosebank Cottage.

Although on an 01977 phone number and in the former Osgoldcross Rural District of which the HQ was in Pontefract, the brewery is actually in the territory of Doncaster Branch. The BLO is Gary Proctor.