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Hardknott Brewery

Woolpack Inn, Boot, Holmbrook, Cumbria, CA19 1TH website

Wakefield CAMRA members David Pickersgill, Mark Goodair and Andrew Picken outside the brewery door at the upper gable end of the Woolpack Inn. Hotel guests and hill walkers keep an innb in such a remote location viable. In its time the building has also been a coaching house and a rectory. In the 18th and 19th Century the inn brewed its own beer, a tradition now revived in 2005.

On this door of the bar is a relief map of the Hardknott Pass area. Depicted in the mural is the mountain landscape with an insert showing the brewery itself..

The brewing operation wwas set up in 2005 with support and guidance from Stuart Johnson of Foxfield. As well as being the two barrel plant's brewer, Dave Bailey is the pub's chef, here seen receiving a commemorative certificate from Wakefield CAMRA Chairman, Mark Goodair.

visited by Wakefield CAMRA 16th June 2007, photos by Albert Bradbury, commentary by Peter O'Toole.