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Beer on DVD  no 62

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (2009)

With friends like Tucker Max, you certainly donít need enemies. Indeed I probably wouldnít have stuck with this film through to the end, if I hadnít committed to reviewing it. Some people just never learn, and Tuckerís one of those. His brains are slung pretty low down. That cocky and hugely narcissistic Tucker takes his mates, Dan for whom itís to be a stag weekend before marrying into a prim Baptist family, and Drew whoís still badly bruised after a relationship went wrong, to a strip club named Avarice in a far-off township called Salem.

Every once in a while it may make you smirk but by the end of the movie you will have forgotten why. Mercifully the main female characters are strong and independent enough to withstand the cringeworthy attitudes of those males. Apparently the US version had an extra 25 minutes of out-takes, which, mercifully we are spared. This is one film to avoid...

Glad I paid so little for it. It has an age-limit - perhaps thatís a maximum age. Before you spend between £2.50 and £4  including postage for a brand new DVD, maybe you should check out the title on YouTube. Nobody seems bothered that the whole movie is available there. There is also a book on which this movie is loosely based, and that was given a much more benign reception.

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