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Ilkley Brewery Ltd

The New Brewery  Ashlands Road, Ilkley, W Yorks LS29 8JT tel: 01943 604604 e-mail maryjane@ilkleybrewery.co.uk

visited by Wakefield CAMRA, Saturday 20 October 2012

Ilkley Brewery quickly outgrew their original 2009 site near Booths Supermarket and were lucky to drop on this larger unit just off the A65 near the town cemetery.
A view of the brewing hall, with (centre) the copper and foreground left, a huge 30 barrel fermenter. All the vessels are supplied by Moeschle. Hidden behind the copper is a double decker vessel with the mash tun as the top half and the hot liquor tank as the bottom half.
Co-owner Stewart Ross related how he had come into the brewing business through running the annual Ilkley Round Table Beer Festival. He's leaning on a pump for Joshua Jane, a rich nut brown Yorkshire ale, packed with flavour for a 3.7% beer, Beer of the Week (weren't we lucky!), which many folk including the Wakefield CAMRA party have urged him to make a regular brew.

Notice that the top edge of Ilkley pumpclips often features the outline of the local Cow and Calf Rocks.

These and many more photos, at much higher resolution, can be viewed on this PicasaWeb Album