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Kinver Brewery Company

Unit 2 Fairfield Drive, Kinver, Stourbridge, DY7 6EW tel: 07715842679 or 07906146777 or e-mail kinvercave@aol.com    website

visited by Wakefield CAMRA Saturday 17 July 2010

The Kinver copper
When two brewers aren't always in the brewhouse at the same time, reminders like this one can save costly mistakes! You can see what the widget is if you go top the Web Album.
The Kinver Crew: it was quite tricky to get a group photo in the confines of the present brewhouse.

Left to right Ian Davies, Dave Kelly's better half and Dave Kelly.

The Kinver (LDV - used to be made in the West Midlands)dray and the brewery's cask washer: these industrial units are close to a residential area. Kinver has almost completed fitting out the unit next door which will afford badly needed extra space for dry storage of materials and casks

These pictures plus many more of the brewery and of Kinver's real ale outlets including the Plough & Harrow, Kinver Constitutional Club and the Vine can be viewed at higher resolution on this PicasaWeb Album