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Leyden Brewery

at the The Lord Raglan Hotel, Mount Pleasant, Nangreaves, Bury, Lancashire

0161 764 6680, brewery website

Visited by Wakefield CAMRA, 10th February 2007

The Lord Raglan pub in the now bijou hill village of Nangreaves outside Bury, reachable only by that steep cobbled road which made us realise why the local bus service is known as the Nanny Flyer..

A basement at the rear of the pub provides the space for the brewhouse. As much as possible is done out in the open for obvious reasons!

Entrance to the brewhouse.

The low ceiling, which fortunately consists of concrete beams, means it gets pretty hot when the copper is boiling. Anything made of plastic is liable to melt!

We were not surprised to see yet another craftsman brewer putting his trust in Fawcett's malt from Castleford.

Retired exciseman Cedric Morris, who lives in a farmhouse just uphill from the brewpub, receives a commemorative plaque on behalf of his friend, brewer Brendan Leyden, from Wakefield CAMRA Chairman, Mark Goodair

On the bar were eight Leyden beers: Rammy Rocket, Forever Bury, Raglan Sleeve, Nanny Flyer, Sevastopol, Balaclava, Black Pudding and Crowning Glory.

The brewery and the pub above enjoy spectacular views across Irwell Valley to the Peel Tower above Ramsbottom

Nine tenths of the brewery's product moves no further than the pub cellar, but this is Brendan Leyden's delivery van. Leyden beers have appeared at Wakefield's Merrie City Beer Festival.