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Liverpool One Brewery

Vauxhall Road, Liverpool L3 6DL   www.liverpoolonebrewery.co.uk

visited by Wakefield CAMRA Saturday 21August 2010

Yes, Vauxhall Road is technically in Liverpool Three, but it's just a stone's throw from the site of Threlfalls Brewery and the three storey Marble Hall pub, now boarded-up was in effect the brewery tap. It was of especial interest to Wakefield CAMRA Membership Secretary Albert Bradbury because his uncle was once the licensee!

Entry to the brewery is via the little door in the roller door of the building (the plastic cask was placed outside so that we'd find the brewery) which has previously been a printing works and a motor garage. The section on the left with its own door and windows is now the cool store.

You'd think it was a Stradivarius, the reverence Head Brewer Gary Rice accords this fishtail, hand made for him by Stan Shaw.

All four partners in the brewery have (non-acting) day jobs connected with the Liverpool Everyman Theatre. Maybe that's why hospitality is the keynote of a  brewery visit to Liverpool One - indeed, not just a visit but a happening.

Compared with Sam Shaw's Wapping Brewery in the bowels of the Baltic Fleet, Liverpool One's brewing hall is e-nor-mous, and the present 4 to 5 barrel kit is positvely lost around the edges. The vessels on the back wall are (left to right) the brewing kettle where the wort is boiled, the mash tun where the brewing grains are mashed in hot liquor (water) to draw out the soluble fermentable sugars as the wort, and the hot liquor tank which is used to save the cooling water, warmed up in the heat exchanger as it draws enough excess heat to prevent the yeast in the fermenting vessel from being instantly killed.

The big fridge not only stores a few bottled beers but also keeps the hops fresher for longer on their foil bags.

It must surely afford one of the most spacious brewery hospitality areas that we have enjoyed.

Many more pictures at much higher resolution, plus a number of the city's iconic Real Ale outlets, including the Baltic Fleet,  in which Liverpool One may be considered to have its roots with Master Brewer Stan Shaw, may be viewed on this Picasa Web Album.