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Mr Grundy's Tavern & Brewery

Georgian House Hotel

Ashbourne Road, Derby DE1 3SL  tel 01322 349806 www.mrgrundysbrewery.co.uk/


visited by Wakefield CAMRA, Saturday 12th February 2011

Brewing started behind Mr Grundy's Tavern at the Georgian House Hotel in 2010, occupying what had been ground-floor No.3 annexe bedroom using a brand new 3-4 barrel plant custom manufactured by Excel, a South Derby-based fabricator of dairy equipment - an interesting twist on the use of second-hand dairy kit by many microbrewers starting up in the UK and Belgium. Brewer Brian Collins had been Vice Principal of a Further Education College. but subsequently worked alongside a number of Derbyshire brewers including Roy Shorrock at Ashover before setting up here. This was also a first venture into brewing equipment for Excel.
The building isn't actually pink - simply bathed in evening sunshine!
The tiny brewhouse is reached via the courtyard at the rear of the pub, hence the need for a no smoking sign. It's not really practical for more than dozen to squeeze in for a "tour" at any one time!
Brewer Brian loves to share his passion, and speaks very highly of the support he has been given in his new venture by the Derbyshire Brewers' Collective which enables small brewers to pool technical knowledge, make bulk purchases of materials and assist oneanother with deliveries and collections of beers and empty casks. We were lucky enough to be among the first to taste Brian's new 5.0% blackcurrant stout, 1914 ((Mr Grundy's beers have a Great War theme).
A bit of aerosol snow spray and this would make a lovely Christmas card! Notice the window sticker for the Derbyshire Brewers' Collective.

These photographs, plus more of the brewery and Mr Grundy's Tavern can be viewed at much higher definition on this PicasaWeb Album.