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Naylors Brewery

at the Old White Bear,

Brewer: Robert Andrew Naylor


6 Keighley Road,



West Yorkshire,

BD20 7RN

Telephone:(01535) 637451

Naylor's Brewery was started-up by two brothers, Steve and Robert Andrew Naylor in early 2005, in the brewhouse at the Old White Bear, previously occupied by the White Bear Brewery. Wakefield CAMRA had Naylors beers at Merrie City 2005. Possibly a unique selling point is that the beers are very often named after regulars at the pub who are obviously all good sports and don't mind being the focus of a bit of fun. Stoney's Triple 'S' , a 4.5%  pale amber beer, Dave's Waterloo Sunset, Roger's Who Sang Challenger, and Sparky's Monday Night Mild, 3.4%, a dark malty mild named after the electrician who did the electrics for the brewery - his name really is Sparks, too!

Wakefield CAMRA visited early in 2006 in response to an invitation given when beers were being ordered for October 2005's Merrie City Beer Festival

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Pre-booked groups of beer fans wishing to visit the brewery are offered a free tour and pie and pea supper - just pay for their own beer!