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Extra Capacity at Ossett Brewery, May 2008

Ossett beers are now supplied on a regular basis to the London pubs of Fullers Brewery and to the J D Wetherspoon chain. This has required the building of an additional cool store for the casks going out to the free trade. Head Brewer Paul Spencer is on the forklift.
Here's Jamie Lawson in the new cool store with the "fee per fill" ECasks which solve the problem of casks going astray in locations away from a brewery's normal delivery area.

Find out more about ECasks.

........and who's this, racking and casking?

It's the one and only Kevin Gameson, folks!

As well as his other tasks, Kevin can also turn his hand to fork-lift driving.

Photos above are from Hermann Vogt, a visiting beer fan from Germany who in 2007 took this website's editor to the independent 

Privatbrauerei Schwelm in the Ruhr town of Schwelm