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Peakstones Rock Brewery

Peakstones Rock Farm, Alton, Staffordshire ST10 4DH phone 07891 350908  email dedwards@peakstonesrock.co.uk

website http://www.peakstonesrock.co.uk

visited by Wakefield CAMRA Saturday 16th July 2011

It's literally a brewery in a farmyard. You can see the ducks on the web album!
Here's the brewer, Dave Edwards. You can read all about his becoming a brewer on the Peakstones Rock website.
On the daÔs is the mash tun, and behind is the cold liquor tank which suffered a mishap when a pair of vinyl gloves blocked the vent at the top and thereby caused a seious vacuum problem as it was being pumped out. In the foreground stands a hop back made from the top of a Grundy tank.
What a fantastic view across the Staffordshire Moors towards Alton Abbey, after which a 4.5% ruby coloured beer is named.

These pictures plus many more of the brewery, its unofficial brewery tap the Huntsman in Cheadle, and places visited on our return journey, can be seen at higher resolution on this PicasaWeb Album