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Peerless Brewing Co. Ltd

The Brewery, 8 Pool Street, Birkenhead, Merseyside CH41 3NL (0151) 647 7688  www.peerlessbrewing.co.uk

visited by Wakefield CAMRA 22nd October 2011 on their almost annual trip to the Liverpool area.

The brewery is successor to the short-lived Betwixt Brewing Company.

The original Birkenhead Brewery Company, many years before, used the tag Peerless Ales and Stout. A photo from a derelict pub nearby shows this and can be seen on the Web Album.

The magnificent U.S. manufactured steam brewery plant was acquired in 2008 when the Grand Union Brewery in Middlesex closed. The large mezzanine area affords dry storage for malt and hops, as well as a vast and comfortable hospitality area.
M.D. and Head Brewer Steve Briscoe

Many many more pictures of the brewery and some nearby sights can be viewed on this PicasaWeb Album

Member Bob Whitehad has also uploaded photos of the brewery, Birkenhead pubs, the Mersey Ferry and some Liverpool sights to this Web Album.