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Strands Hotel & Brewery

Nether Wasdale, Cumbria, CA20 1ET  Tel: 019467 26237   website

No, it's not a fall-out shelter, this shed behind the hotel houses the brew-plant.

Two Marks out of two: Mark Goodair, Chairman of Wakefield CAMRA presents the first commemorative certificate to brewery proprietor Mark Corr, who came from Oldham. The comfortably furnished hotel has a strong food trade, particularly on Sundays.

After a lot of family discussion, this was the name of the first brew. Wakefield's visit was the brewery's first by a CAMRA group, and of course, this was what they sampled. Mark is trialling other brews: click on the pumpclip for the hotel website.

visited by Wakefield CAMRA 16th June 2007, the three photographs by Albert Bradbury, commentary by Peter O'Toole