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Tunnel Brewery

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Lord Nelson Inn, Birmingham Road, Ansley, Nuneaton, CV10 9PQ  website

The brewery is a separate venture from the Lord Nelson, which acts as its brewery tap. The proprietors Bob Yates and Mike Walsh brew Wednesdays and Sundays. They did use a fresh English yeast, but as they don't have ideal laboratory conditions (even so it's one of the most spic and span looking microbreweries we have visited) they have now settled on an American and a Belgian dried yeast, according to the beer being brewed. They began with plastic casks as it was an expedient way to get a good stock at the start but all new firkins will be metal. About ⅔ of production is casked, and ⅓ is hand-bottled for selling at farmers' markets and leisure events.

Confession: we borrowed this photo of Bob Yates from the website of the Porter Brewing Co. who supplied the brew plant - sure Dave Porter won't mind the plug!

Wakefield CAMRA members, clutching their Tunnel beers, admire the brewhouse.

Steve Walmsley listens sagely as Tunnel's Mike Walsh relates the growing success of the venture - they now have to brew twice weekly to keep up with demand.

Bob Yates, cask washing

The American and Belgian strains of yeast used by Tunnel Brewery

The official caption for this picture is: "Mike Walsh receives a commemorative certificate from Wakefield Chairman, Mark Goodair"