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Windsor Castle Brewery (Sadler's)

at the Windsor Castle, 7 Stourbridge Road, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 7DG

visited by Wakefield CAMRA, Saturday 30 January 2010

Final brewery call on Wakefield CAMRA's Festival Workers' Trip was the Windsor Castle Brewery at Lye Cross near Stourbridge, reviving a century-old brewing tradition for the Sadler family (Four generations earlier Thomas Alexander Sadler founded the original Sadler's Brewery adjacent to ther Windsor Castle at Oldbury). It is hard to believe that the building never was a pub until brothers Chris and John founded their brewery. It 's a former printing works!
As micros go it's not exactly miniature as you can see from the the kettle in the brewhouse. There's also a massive new fermenter among the kit to be seen on the Web Album.

The genial Brewery Liaison Officer from the local branch of CAMRA was on hand to welcome us and organise photo opportunities. Wakefield CAMRA Chairman Mark Goodair presents a commemorative certificate.to Chris Sadler.

Many more pictures at much higher resolution can be seen on this PicasaWeb Album