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Wylam Brewery

South Houghton Farm, Heddon-on-the Wall, Northumberland, NE15 0EZ tel: 01661 853377

brewery website http://www.wylambrew.co.uk          

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visit by Wakefield CAMRA Saturday 23 February 2008


If you hadn't spotted two brewery vans you might not have realised that the former dairy on this moorland farm was the location of the Wylam Brewery. The disused dairy affords ample space for all spare casks etc to be stored inside.
We are shown round by the surviving co-founder John Boyle, who was joined later by his son Matt who came into the business last year. The picture is taken in the cool room where the conditioning tanks, which have a glycol solution passed between their inner and outer skins, are located.If you visit the brewery's own website you can savour the range of Wylam beers. We were treated to a very generous sampling from the range!
Fittingly for a brewery which celebrates the birth of George Stephenson in Wylam, it's now a steam brewery. This is the high efficiency steam generator.
Son Matt Boyle (left) and father John Boyle (right) receive a commemorative certificate from Wakefield CAMRA Chairman, Mark Goodair.
The Boathouse in the nearby village of Wylam serves as the brewery tap, a picture which needs no further comment!.
Beer spotters are often train spotters, too, and for them, next to the Boathouse is the Tyne Valley Railway station with one of the North Eastern Railway's elevated signal boxes. There are more pictures on the Web Album but we just hope some serious railway expert will alight there and add some comments, please!