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Fernandes Brewery

a member of the Ossett Brewery Family     CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Fernandes Brewery is June Bradbury.

Announcement by Ossett Brewery 30th July 2007

Ossett Buys Fernandes Brewery Tap!

The Fernandes Brewery Tap has been acquired by Ossett Brewing Company. Fernandes will be the tenth pub to become part of the Ossett family. There are no plans to make any changes to the pub on the top floor - great as it is!  However, watch out for our plans for the ground floor that used to house the home brew shop!

Fernandes beer fans don't despair, there are no plans to stop brewing at the Fernandes site.  Brewing will continue as normal and Fernandes beers will be made available to other Ossett pubs.  David will be acting as consultant at the brewery to ensure a smooth transition over to the new brewer.  Long live 'Ale to the Tsar'!

New brewer is Steve Hutchinson, who previously did a spell at the Riverhead Brewery, but actually lives quite close to Fernandes.
Date: 1 October 2007 and the scaffolders are beginning to dismantle the scaffolding.
When the Craig Andrews Joinery's  nameboard in the centre is removed the Ossett Brewery logo will shine out.
The opening of Fernandes Bier Keller is scheduled for the weekend of Oct 19/20.  It is Ossett's first non-cask bar and is situated on the floor under the existing Fernandes Brewery Tap,  on the middle floor, where the home brew shop used to be. They will have over 12 international premium beers on draft, many bottled beers fro around the world, jenever gins, single malt whiskies and a large selection of wines.

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CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Fernandes is June Bradbury Latest brewery pictures taken at Fernandes April 2012 Beer Festival.