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Traditional Floor Maltings, where the smaller batch size is ideal for specialist malts

Barley is steeped in steeping tanks and spread over a solid floor, where the grains are allowed to germinate. Cool conditions are needed at this stage. Raking allows air to reach the germinating grains.

members peer into steeping tanks where barley grains are soaked to start germination

traditional malt barrow - a rare piece of kit

malt grains just sprouting, after a few days

Steve from the technical team demonstrates raking to aerate the germinating grains

Once germinated the grains are scraped up and moved to the kiln where the perforated floor is heated from beneath.  

Many of the photos from the visit can be viewed at higher definition on this Picasa Web Album

this device is dragged across the floor as a sort of dozer to scrape up the germinated grains

traditional malt kilning floor