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THE HEALEY BREWERY Registered No. 04701605

trading as Bob's Brewing Company    

formerly brewing at the Brewers Pride, Low Mill Rd, Healey, Ossett, West Yorkshire WF5 8ND

visited by Wakefield CAMRA 16 February 2010  View Picasa Web Album   CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Bob's is Bob Wallis.

Phone 07789 693597

Bob's Brewing Company, has now relocated its brewing operation from behind the Red Lion pub at 73 Dewsbury Road, between Flushdyke and Streetside, on the outskirts of Ossett, in early Summer 2009 coming home to roost in premises behind the Brewers Pride at Healey, Ossett. The brewplant occupies the rear portion of the original Ossett Brewery site with new equipment. Production of mainstays White Lion and Chardonnayle was maintained in the changeover period, and it is proving more practical to produce specials on a regular basis including Yakima Pale Ale and Silver Bullet. The entry for the original brewery is archived on a separate page.

Here standing in the porch next to the gas-fired copper is brewer's assistant, Andrew Temporal.
Proprietor Bob Hunter shows the chute which simultaneously feeds the mash tun with grains from the grist hopper immediately overhead, and water warmed via the heat exchanger during the previous brew and stored in the hot liquor tank located at the rear above the control centre. 
The two fermenters have capacities of eight and ten barrels respectively.
The new brewhouse's extra space has meant that in addition to regular production, Bob is now in a position to create seasonals and specials. 

For the 2009 Wakefield Beer Festival Bob made a special green hop beer named Pomona after the Roman goddess of the harvest, expected to come out at around 5.0%. Also in the fermenter was BYB at around 4.0% - Bob's Yorkshire Bitter, no doubt made with more passion than went into the Bentleys brew at Woodlesford!

This logo is now also to be found on beer glasses issued by the brewery in 2014.

These pictures and several others including new pump clips are available to view at much higher resolution with zoom facility on this Picasa Web Album

Brewery Liaison Officer is (subject to ratification) Scott Nightingale

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