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Samuel Smith's Old Brewery, Tadcaster  

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One of Samuel Smith's magnificent dray horses

Sam's claim that they once owned the biggest horse in the world.(unless you know better)

The collection of historic drays

mash tuns and coppers

we were told the capacity of these coppers

thanks and presentation of commemorative certificate by Branch Chairman Mark Goodair, in the Hospitality Suite

We asked if Samuel Smiths would supply us with Old Brewery Bitter for our Beer Festival. The answer was a non-negotiable "no". Clark's thought they might be able to pull it off for us but the answer was again a "no". We tried friends in the Free Trade who were supplied by Samuel Smiths but .it seems it would have put their own supply in jeopardy. We wrote to Mr Humphrey Smith saying that we understood that we were precluded from buying Sam Smith's beer by (his) company policy, and suggesting that as we were wanting to repay their hospitality Sams might consider donating a 9 gallon cask that could be sold entirely for festival charities whilst generating whatever good publicity the brewery wished.

We received this reply from Mr Smith:

I apologise that we would not be able to help by donating a cask of beer to the Merrie City Beer Festival. We have not increased our prices (with the exception of duty rises) since 1990. As such we simply have to make more and more economies, without reducing the strengths and quality of our beer in any way. We give no free beer away whatsoever. I can only apologise. With best wishes, yours sincerely, Humphrey Smith

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