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Why are we O-K?

Well it's got nothing to do with glossy goss like Hello! Magazine - you won't find many anorexic debutantes, Hooray Henries or superstars here. Simply our district is a heck of a lot more than just Wakefield, the Cathedral City: it encompasses many small and medium sized towns which take a pride in their individual identities. The branch area stretches from near-Heavy Woollen District Ossett in the West to edge-of-Vale-of-York Knottingley in the East, and from the Leeds commuterland of Outwood in the North to the cluster of ex-mining communities in the Elm Valley to the South around South Kirkby. Our branch magazine proclaims this diversity in its title "O-to-K" and  currently depicts a different local traditional inn sign, which may be from anywhere in the district on the cover of each issue.

A .pdf of the Spring 2012 edition can be read here but it's over 1.7 mb so please be patient!

The Summer 2012 edition is one of the first items on our new website to which all material will be migrated during Summer 2012 To view the main part of the magazine click on this link and to view the first part of our new local Real Ale Guide click here