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NEW Lets Be Famous / The Divided Heart / His Excellency / Saloon Bar DVD

Beer on DVD  no.62

Saloon Bar

A whodunnit set mostly in a London pub called the Cap & Bells, all happening one night just before Christmas. A racecourse bookie turns amateur detective along with the staff and regulars of the pub, to unravel a murder mystery and prove the innocence of the barmaid's fiancť, who is due for the gallows the next day for allegedly murdering an old lady with a spanner.

Youíll also see Judy Campbell, who once enchanted NoŽl Coward and was the mother of the heavy-breathing Jane Birkin. "Saloon Bar" is the real gem of Volume 10. A real slice of British life in 1940, with a crackling performance from Gordon Harker, worth buying for this film alone. Look out for Martin Clunes' dad Alex as Eddie Gray!).The rest of the titles show the range of films made at Ealing. Both "Divided Heart" and "His Excellency" stand up in their own right but in one of the other films "Letís Be Famous" you can see Betty Driver from Corra when she was young and pretty.

You can buy the dvd from around a fiver on t'interweb. Britain's only existing pub with that name is on the Buttershaw Estate in Bradford if it hasn't been demolished and it was a street location in "Rita, Sue and Bob, Too", although The Beacon was the main pub.

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