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Bob Wallis

Bob used to be a primary teacher but he's almost normal now. He's played around with IT since the days of those of those old Sinclair computers that didn't have real keyboards, and his favourite aspect of computing  is probably graphics, although he doesn't get too seriously involved, and this website is the first one he's attempted almost unaided. He also founded the branch magazine, which is called O-K (actually meaning from Ossett to Knottingley) and hopes that one day we shall be challenged by the society gossip rag with a similar title, as he was always on the look-out for a story that would generate publicity. He edited the first 52 editions and continues to be a contributor. The branch doesn't have a specific publicity officer, but as Pubs Officer, Bob is responsible for quite a lot of what goes out to the press and media, as well as maintaining pub and club databases. He was also Brewery Liaison Officer for WF6 Brewing (defunct) and then was for Bob's Brewing Company, formerly known as the Red Lion Brewery. Now he lives in hope of the Outgang Brewery getting into production.

He writes regular columns on dispense (On the Hand-Pull) and on beer on film and tv (Ale on DVD).