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Beer on DVD  no45

The ChubbChubbs

A gem of an animation, set at the Ale-E-Inn, at the end of the Universe! There Meeper is the lowly minimum wage mop and bucket guy who has higher aspirations - a karaoke performer. After he accidentally electrocutes a singer, he is slung out of the pub. Outside, he is told by a terrified Gungan that "The ChubbChubbs are coming! This animated short comes as a bonus with Stuart Little 2 (which also has sequel The Chubb Chubbs Save Xmas), Men in Black II, or Surf's Up. Alternatively you may be able to view it on YouTube or Vimeo or similar sites. You could  buy Region 1, 6 minute long ChubbChubbs dvd (shortest ever, allegedly),from amazon.com for $5.99 or less from the USA.


printed in O-to-K later in 2014 text RKW 2012