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Conwy Brewery Ltd
01492 585287
Unit 17 Morfa Conwy Business Park
Conwy, LL32 8HH


Gwynne Byron Thomas

At the 2005 Merrie City Beer Festival these beers from Conwy made an appearance on the Welsh Bar:

Conwy Conwy Castle Bitter 3.8 session ale, malty rather than hoppy, and very easy to drink
Conwy Conwy Cwrw MÍl (Honey Fayre) 4.5 pale golden beer, refreshing with a crisp bitter flavour; honey is added after the boil to retain a honey aroma in the finished ale

In addition these Conwy beers are recorded on the Branch Database of Beer Tastes:

Conwy Conwy Mulberry Mild 3.9 a refreshing mid-brown beer commemorating the building at Conwy of Mulberry harbours for D-Day
Conwy Conwy Special(Arbennig) 4.5 a dark bitter brewed using roasted barley to give a full bodied mellow flavour
Conwy Conwy Welsh Pride 4.4 a copper coloured full flavoured bitter
Conwy Conwy Telford Porter 5.6 a classic beer style brewed to the strength of yesteryear

Join Wakefield CAMRA visiting Conwy on Saturday 6th May 2006.

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