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Wakefield CAMRA's Branch Visit to Conwy Brewery

Brewer Gwynne Thomas is passionate about his job -that Welsh enthusiasm known as "hwyl".

The yeast at Conwy certainly gives a lively fermentation in these all-plastic FVs.

The Pontefract Mafia are well impressed.

Wakefield Chairman Mark Goodair presents a commemorative certificate to Gwynne.

T-shirts like Gwynne's are available at the brewery for £6.50. You can also get gift packs of two 500ml bottles and a pint Bragdy Conwy glass, and cases of a dozen 500ml bottles which can be mixed.

Mulberry Mild historic info

Cwrw MÍl

Probably one of the best views out of the back of a brewery anywhere. Link to aerial photo.

Next call on the North Wales visit was at the Fox Inn, Ysceifiog.