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The Helter Skelter at Frodsham


The Helter Skelter was once a block of 3 cottages with the parish school behind. You drink in the 3 cottages but the restaurant and toilets are in the old school If you trace the downhill slope, you can see that the highway has been raised
The front wall of the Helter Skelter; the stripy door used to open at street level but the highway has now been raised so it goes nowhere.
Landlord Michael Toner in the cellar of the Helter Skelter
For once Wakefield CAMRA Branch Chairman is looking at the camera, as he presents a certificate of appreciation to licensee Michel Toner for generous hospitality arranged by the Station House Brewery.
 a very rare hand-coloured postcard of the giant wooden helter skelter which stood at the top of the hill behind the pub prior to the Second World War