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I Know What I Like (1973)

Bernard Cribbins, Albert Perks the Station Master at Oakworth Station in Lionel Jeffries’ film version of The Railway Children, narrator of The Wombles, also a frequent storyteller in Jackanory and novelty songster (Right Said Fred) appears in “I Know What I Like” made in 1973 for the Brewers Society, which today I think is part of the British Beer and Pub Association. A young fresh faced Bernard Cribbins orders a pint in his “dad”’s pub and then proceeds to enlighten us all about the story of beer, or at least his interpretation, fortunately with the help of familiar-looking uncles, beginning with a floor maltings of the kind many of us have seen at Fawcetts. I think the medium sized family brewery is Wadworths of Devizes although the film seems to take care not to show individual company names. There’s a distant relative who’s a large scale barley baron and we meet another in a lab coat who pushes the buttons in a mega plant like Tetley’s used to be, although we’re reminded that the basic process is the same whatever the scale. We learn by Cribbins’ misconceptions! He also gets put right about the role of hops in flavouring modern beers and the yeast which multiplies itself more than brewers need, so gets sold on. He then looks at how different pubs cater for different tastes with the common factor in all of them being, of course, beer. Then back to that first pub, Gosh doesn’t his dad look like him! You can’t buy it but you can view this film by going to the East Anglian Film Archive http://www.eafa. org.uk/catalogue/6332  Clever folk can probably do a video capture, but you can be sure of staying the right side of copyright laws by viewing on-line.

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