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A spin-off from the ATV series, The Larkins, Inn For Trouble stars Peggy Mount as Ada (you can hear why she never married in real life!) with husband Alf, David Kossof, who, on Alf’s retirement are reluctantly granted the tenancy of a country pub by his employers Belcher’s Brewery , only to find that someone doesn't want them to make a success of it. “All the characters in 'The Larkins' were based on people I'd seen in my local," explained the creator Fred Robinson.

This movie version has a fabulous cast of lead and supporting actors. Among the supporting cast look out for Gerald Campion (Billy Bunter), Frank Williams (Vicar from Dad’s Army) and a very rare late rôle for Graham Moffat (Will Hay films). It’s great fun for folk who don't take their films too seriously and enjoy the lighter side of entertainment.

Also starring: Leslie Phillips (Navy Lark), Glyn Owen (to be Jack Rolfe in Howards Way), the voluptuousYvonne Monlaur into whose neck Dracula sank his fangs in a Hammer film, A.E. Matthews (Bridlington-born “Matty” in films across 8 decades), Ronan O'Casey (Canadian bit-part actor who was the corpse in Blow Up, Shaun O'Riordan (previously in Emergency Ward Ten!), Alan Wheatley (Sheriff of Nottingham opposite Richard Greene), and the enormous bulk of Willoughby Goddard. Also young Charles Hawtrey, Irene Handl, Graham Stark and Stanley Unwin

Although set in pre-drink and drive law times, among its messages we can identify with, are a swipe at the brewery tie (precursor of PubCo tyranny) and the importance of a pub having some decent ale in, if it wants to get the customers. Price? Under £8 from Play.com or Amazon or possibly less from HMV.com         ©RKW