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Last Orders, Please - Our Pub, Our Story

Last Orders Please – Our Pub, Our Story is a gem of social history that centres mainly around three pubs in Hull and the communities that have used them over time. In the case of this film it’s Hull but it could easily be anywhere and will surely provoke recollections for us all. In the 19th Century Hull had one pub for every twenty houses. Fishing, fish docks and lighterage have all gone along with those thirsts that called for “nahn pahnts of mahld”, Hull Brewery of course.  Now it’s one pub for every 400 homes, and declining. The film is a mix of present day interviews with customers and staff, archive photos and 8mm movie clips. To quote:” a pub is licence to go up to anybody and talk to them….Where else can you do that? If you just go up to somebody in a shop they think you’re mad but in a pub they don’t – they accept that at any point a stranger can come up to them and talk to them. People are more open. It’s more than social – it’s giving, giving a piece of yourself”.

Memories of pubs closing at 2 on a Sunday lunchtime, of keeping your kids quiet outside the pub with a small bottle of creamy Hull Brewery Mild, of the all-pervading smell of fish, of landlords who always wore a suit and tie, and Hull’s own Margaret Parker lookalike!

The dvd is accompanied by a 16 page colour booklet. You can view clips at www.cascadearts.org.uk and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5HgjWigw4Y

You can still buy the dvd through Amazon Market Place.

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