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Make Mine A Pint - The History of Beer

Featuring previously unreleased archive footage from the Beaulieu Museum, Make Mine A Pint is a collection of three glorious black and white films made for Whitbreads when they were real brewers, shortly after the end of the Second World War, which celebrates the essence of real ale and the growing of its ingredients.

Delightful is the footage of the exodus of East End families on the only annual holiday they could afford, hop picking. The material covers the growing and picking of hops, the brewing and distribution of beer and the cooper's craft. It also instructs licensees in the basics of pub hygiene, as envisaged sixty years ago - often a real hoot!

There are also modern interviews on hops and brewing, including a brief visit to Shepherd Neame and advice on how to run a good pub.The transfer from film is of good quality, but curiously the original film titles and credits are missing, perhaps worn-out?

This joyous dvd is fascinating and educational, not at all a dry documentary. It has been lovingly assembled by Isle-of-Man based Beckmann Home Video. I was well pleased to get mine direct from them for £9.99 but I notice that W H Smith offer it on-line for £7.49 with free delivery to one of their stores.

  ©RKW  from the Summer 2008 edition of O-to-K