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Minder - The Beer Hunter 

The Beer Hunter A bit of a confession from your reviewer: this looked an absolute winner when he ordered it, but there's no actual beer hunting in this episode, an essential ingredient of any Minder episode being the corny title

In it, Arthur (George Cole, my son) meets up with Yorkie, an old friend from the army (Barnsley's finest Brian Glover) then accidentally loses him by dropping him off at the wrong place and promptly searches, or rather, as usual, has Terry searching, the whole of London to find him before his wife arrives by coach from Rotherham. Yes it's a genuine Tracky vehicle. Terry (Dennis Waterman) is at his most put upon. This episode is nearer to pure farce than underworld grit and sleaze, and peppered with hilarious authentic (?) rhyming slang expressions. 

This episode and the others in the collection will have you falling about with laughter, and, my story and I'm sticking to it, feature a cavalcade of classic East London Victorian and Edwardian pub interiors, though the Winchester Club itself ain't much to write home about. Other episodes in 5 hour 4 minute collection are Another Bride - Another Groom, Senior Citizen Caine, The Balance of Power, Give Us This Day Arthur Daley's Bread and The Long Good Thursday. The Best of Minder Volume 3 of 3 is in shops for around £15 and on the internet from £11.99, and The Beer Hunter is also one of the episodes on Minder Series 2 at around £20.

  ©RKW  from the Summer 2009 edition of O-to-K