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Beer on DVD  no.47

Mongrels (1)

A very funny UK-made series created for late night on BBC3, it’s for adults but not necessarily for grown-ups. These misfit urban animals live in the yard at the back of the Lord Nelson pub in the East End owned by Gary who’s the only human who has more than a guest appearance. If you picture the Cowshed in Time Gentlemen Please, you’ve got the kind of place. None of the characters are actually mongrels but the name stuck during the making of the first series. There’s Nelson the urbane fox (voiced by Rufus Jones), and Destiny the “Essex girl” Afghan, Nelson’s empty headed girlfriend who belongs to Gary. Nelson has a foul-mouthed cousin the animale Vince. Marion is a French-inspired, smelly looking street cat and Kali (pronounced like Carly rather than our word for sherbet) a sort of rasta pigeon.

Extras on the Series 1 disc include the pilot episode, “Mongrels Uncovered” a BBC3 documentary, and deleted scenes.

If you’d like a free taster one full episode is on YouTube with French subtitles, easily found by googling Mongrels 1x01 VOSTFR

Cuddly puppets yes, but just when you start finding them a bit cute, they’ll do something OMG! Price used, on the web from around £3, with Series 1 and scarcer Series 2 new each £5.99, Blu-ray 1 at £6.99 from the BBC Shop.

Finally, do not show this to your kids.


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