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Beer on DVD  no39

Not on Your Nellie

"Hello! This Is The Brown Cow Speaking!" Nellie Pledge (name owned by Granada TV) from the Lancashire pickle factory comes (without our Eli whom Nellie was forever striving to keep out of the Spread Eagle) as teetotal Nellie Pickersgill (a thin disguise as LWT didn't own the Pledge name) to help her dad run a grotty West London pub called the Brown Cow, which is peopled with a load of  pre-PC 1970s stereotypes - grin and bear them and you'll find them funny. Nellie can ask a black policeman if he's related to Al Jolson.

Despite the scripts which lift loads from nearest and dearest, she's still the queen of malapropisms! By the time Hylda worked on this show she was troubled by the early onset of Alzheimer's and increasingly reliant on cue cards for her lines. Apparently the show ended suddenly when the accident-prone Hylda broke her leg after slipping on the studio floor on a spillage of prop beer - the last episodes were made without her! She sued LWT and effectively ended her tv career. This DVD contains first 7 episodes. A second set has series 2 and 3.

printed in O-to-K later in 2012-3 text RKW 2012