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Shaun of the Dead

If you enjoyed John Wayne as the Quiet Man reviewed in the last edition, Shaun may not be for you. This  British movie cost me just just £2.99 from Play.com, probably because itís been screened now on ordinary tv  (ITV2) but it gets four stars in the Radio Times.  If youíre, like Shaun, so sad that the only thing you can think to do if you have spare time is to go down your local pub (oh dear, oh dear, and weíve been telling you that the Pub is the Hub!) then this film might be seen as a warning to you. Itís described as ďa romantic comedy with zombiesĒ but if you already know Dawn of the Dead, then you have a head start on the rest of us. Shaun is played by Simon Pegg from ďSpacedĒ - I donít say acted, because heís just himself. Also in it are Rob Brydon, Dylan Moran, Lucy Davis from The Archers, Martin Freeman from The Office and a wonderfully convincing Jeremy Thompson from Sky News advising the public to ďremove their heads or destroy their brainsĒ (the zombiesí, that is).

There is lots of gore which you donít take seriously, but  whole movie is laugh-out-loud funny - donít watch it if you are recovering from abdominal surgery!