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The Signal Box, Cleethorpes

Situated at the Lakeside Station of the Coast Light Railway is Britain's smallest pub, challenging to be smallest pub on the planet, measuring just 2.44 metres by 2.44 metres. On Wakefield CAMRA's March 2007 trip to Lincolnshire it proved a popular call-off on the way to Willy's Pub and Brewery on Cleethorpes Sea Front. Try this link as long as the video file file is maintained on the Radio Humberside Website.

Officially the Signal Box has seating for four people. If you want food with your ale, it can be fetched from the nearby station buffet.

Landlord Andrew McCall offers Wakefield's Albert Bradbury a Hewitt's Bitter a beer brewed by Fugelstou Ales to the original Hewitt Bros of Grimsby recipe.