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Willys Pub & Brewery

17, Highcliff Rd, Cleethorpes, DN35 8RQ  (01472) 602145

Visited by Wakefield CAMRA, 24th March 2007. On the sea front at Cleethorpes is also the Signal Box, Britain's Smallest Pub, which the Wakefield CAMRA Team could not pass by, since it too is a Real Ale pub!

Inside Willy's brewhouse which was formerly a grocer's shop, then an antique shop which degenerated into a bric-ŕ-brac shop, can be seen the fermenters on the right, and on the left the horizontal hot liquor tank the mash tun and the copper which is heated by a gas immersion tube

Bill Parkinson, the proprietor and head brewer also has the assistance of a couple of local CAMRA members.

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Members of the visiting party hear the story of Bill's brewery and learn that the plant has a capacity of five barrels, usually brewing once a week on a Tuesday. Most beers are bittered with Fuggles and Goldings hops, with Cascade used as the aroma hops as the wort is passed through a hop back, generally supplemented by dry hopping in the cask. About 95% of the beer produced is consumed in the brewery's two pubs, Willy's and Swigs (Second Willy's in Grimsby).

This is Bill's home-made mashing paddle.

Notice no sparging arm on the mash tun as sparging is done by means of jets around the rim of the vessel.

It's possible to see into the brewhouse from a window in the bar - head for the toilets if you're in the pub and you want a peek!

Pumpclips for Willy's Original 3.9%,


©Willy's Brewery 2007

Bill is pleased to receive a commemorative certificate from Wakefield CAMRA Chairman, Mark Goodair,