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Morse: The Sins of the Fathers

 When Trevor Radford, Managing Director of Radford Brewery is found found drad in one of his fermenters, Morse (John Thaw) and Lewis (Kevin Whatley) are called in to investigate. As it happens, the family-rum real ale brewery is in the middle of a hostile take-over bid from a multinational at the time, and members of the Radford family seem at odds with one another as to which course of action to adopt regarding their family business. So it is up to our beer appreciating detective to unravel the clues and throw open the mysteries. There's a curiously Agatha Christie flavour to this tale...at least until the dénouement. It isn't therefore entirely a classic Morse case, indeed perhaps a little clichéd with some hammy acting. However, it is a mystery with a brewery setting, though, would you believe it, you get to see Morse actually refuse a drink!

The original single DVD has been deleted but The Sins of the Fathers is available as half of a set, Inspector Morse Volume 7, with "Driven to Distraction". It can be had for £11.99 from play.com or filmnight.com, and for a little bit more from hmv.com. You may also find it in remainder bookshops or on playtrade very cheap.

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