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The Student Prince

In my boyhood a Saturday teatime treat was to watch Edmund Purdom buckle his swashes in Sword of Freedom as he, Marco del Monte attempted to venge the wrongs of the perfidious Duke de Medici. 

Apparently Purdom spent hours and hours in gruelling practice of the flawless lip-sync'ing for each of the original Mario Lanza songs that were used in the film after Lanza and MGM fell out over his behaviour on set. Even on close-ups this British actor did a pretty good job.

So what's it doing here?  That famous drinking song of course! Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink, Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier, Lift your stein and drink your beer.......Drink Drink Let the toast start. May every true lover salute his sweetheart, and all that. That song in the 1924 version of this Sigmund Romberg operetta was especially popular with theatregoers on Broadway, as the U.S.was in the midst of Prohibition!

Another classic line for me is "Last night when I kissed you it wasn't the beer".

The Korean version can probably be had for a better price and, don't panic, it's in English and the Far Eastern subtitles can be switched off through the set-up menu. The film was made in Anscocolor from the U.S. offshoot of Agfa and no print has survived the ravages if time very well.

reviewed in O-to-K Autumn 2010 RKW