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Three Little Beers

This movie, one of the top-rated of 190 shorts made by Curly Howard, Larry Fine and Moe Howard is available in several different Three Stooges compilations, but with some trepidation the reviewer decided for the first time to try downloading it as a bit torrent file. It was a piece of, er, cake, talking of which, Panther Pilsner is a reference to the slang expression "panther piss" for poor quality beer!

The three stooges find themselves set on as draymen for the Panther Brewery which has an annual golfing day for employees. When on their delivery round they call at a golf club, and thinking that as they know nothing about the game they ought to get some experience they manage to inveigle their way into a prestigious golf tournament. There's tons of excruciating slapstick, with great lines such as "Go get a bag of bats" (golf clubs) and "Look, it went down a hole. Just my luck!". When one of them hacked an entire green to divots: "I'm getting better,. See the pieces are getting smaller." Curly gets his golf ball, and then the "bat" stuck in a tree and decides the only way to get it back is to chop down the tree! The chaotic climax of the film, which you'll either find side-splitting or cringe-making, comes when the beer truck is parked on a hill and the entire load of barrels breaks free and rolls down into a busy town centre.

printed in O-to-K Winter 2012 text RKW 2011