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Tigertops Brewery, 22 Oakes Street, Flanshaw, Wakefield, WF2 9LN, tel 01924-378538, 07951-812986 (Barry's mobile) 01924-897728 (Barry's home number, where enquiries can be left on the answerphone) and 01229-716238 (Foxfield),  e-mail  Originally the concept of Stewart and Lynda Johnson, now of the the Foxfield Brewery in Cumbria. Tigertops Brewery is perhaps the nearest thing to a brasserie artisanale you’re likely find over here, and is perhaps the least-known brewery in the district  It was started in September 1985  behind their rambling Edwardian villa up a rustic lane in once rural Flanshaw. Originally they brewed part-time with a one-barrel plant in an outhouse down the garden, but within a year they had expanded the plant size to its present three barrels. This includes a mash tun from the Black Bull Brewery at Fenny Bentley. Sean Tomlinson, who was to have his own brewery at Pontefract, assisted with the assembly of the plant.

Brewing continues under the eye of their friend, Barry Smith, pictured above, known to one and all as Axeman, because of his day job, cutting trees and grass around verges and graveyards for Wakefield Council. Barrie enjoys experimenting with continental recipes and continental yeasts. The fermentation process holds a total fascination for him. He can culture a yeast from a small quantity of sediment in a bottle and one can be assured that anything he describes as a lager won’t just be in the style of a lager but will have been genuinely bottom-fermented for weeks. The beers turn up at the Prince of Wales, Foxfield, local beer festivals and at pubs in the region which are looking for something unusual. His 4.5% Blanche de Newland wheatbeer, which has added oat malt to counteract the clogging tendency of malted wheat, was Beer of the Festival at the 2nd Cockermouth Beer Festival, December 2001. You may encounter White Max a 4.6% German style wheatbeer, Flanshaw Flyer a 4.4% English style bitter to which Barry adds Belgian spices and brown sugar for Continental Flyer. Look out also for his 4.8% Jack Porter, a.k.a. Alverthorpe Atom and the 5% Ginger Fix. Barry has joined the growing number of microbrewers who have sought to solve their cask shortage problems with new plastic casks. You can't miss Tigertops' - they're green brown and yellow. (Click on picture for high resolution version)

Spent malt is given away as feed for some local goats. 

Barry was asked to exhibit his beers  Autumn's "Brassigaume 2003 -Festival des Petites Brasseries at Marbehan in Belgium 5-6 Oct. Since then further invitations to festivals of craft brewing in Holland & Belgium have come his way.

For Christmas 2004 Barry planned a spiced 5% beer. 

Tigertops Milled 4.2% fairly light in colour, quite malty, which could pass for a bitter light mild or a mild light bitter, appeared in May 2005. Spring 2007, Barry brewed the superb First Base another of his mild light bitters at 3.6%.

At the top of the garden is Barry's grain store, a dead Mercedes van.

It's been noticed that the trademark of Belgium's Brasserie des Rulles bears a scary resemblance to Tigertops' Barry.

CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Tigertops is Mark Goodair

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