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Time Gentlemen Please

This DVD is a collection of six episodes from the first series that was shown on Sky and then many times on Paramount Comedy Channel. Although it was conceived to showcase Al Murray’s universally bigoted jingoistic, French-hating, Brussels-blaming Pub Landlord character, that only Canadians take seriously, there’s a supporting cast of strong characters, whom we’ve all encountered for real at sometime or other. Julia Sawalha is Janet, a feisty and foul-mouthed but sex-crazed Australian barmaid. Rebecca Front who found a wider audience in Nighty Night is Ms Jackson  the twittery and prim brewery rep. Phil Daniels, one time star of Quadrophenia is Terry the thoroughly revolting flatulent slob of a barfly who I’m told is now in East

Enders as Kevin Wicks.

Julia Sawalha was in Absolutely Fabulous and is also the voice of the little Mouse in Kipper the Dog, whilst  Phil Daniels was masterly in Chicken Run voicing Fetcher the rat. If you’re happy with low-brow humour you’ll have found it refreshingly original and innovative, happily watching the episodes again and again and chiming in with Al Murray’s re-definitions, but there may be folk out there who wonder what the others are laughing about.  Shop around - it’s Ł14.99 from Play.com or Sendit.com


from the Winter 2005-6 edition of O-to-K