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Trouble Brewing

A 1939 Ealing film with George Formby as George Gullip and a gorgeous young Googie Withers (Georgette Lizette Withers) as the boss's secretary. George, who works as a compositor at the Daily Sun, has won a packet at the races but is paid in counterfeit notes so sets out with his pal Bill Pike (Gus McNaughton) to track down the forgers, who are masterminded, as it happens, by George's own boss, but actually using the Blue Star Brewery as a front.

In the processGeorge goes "under cover" as a waiter and a wrestler. Cornered by the villains, George and Bill's only weapons are loaded beer bottles! He also gets to snog the leading lady in a full fermenting vessel. (Legend has it that he went even further).

The comedic action is sublime and should have a much wider appeal than just to Formby afficionados. Songs featured are I Can Tell It By My Horoscope, Hitting The High Spots Now and Fanlight Fanny, said to be a better version than the hit recording.

I got my copy for just £1.99 plus £1.25 postage from East Yorkshire based Tygers Old Time Movies on Ebay but there are plenty of George Formby compilations around - cheap because copyright on films lasts just fifty years!

  ©RKW  from the Autumn 2006 edition of O-to-K