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World of Pub 

It's essentially a pub version of Father Ted with similar stretching of reality into surrealism. It began as a radio comedy that like Little Britain transferred to tv. It's not in any way dark and unsettling like the League of Gentlemen but just laugh out loud funny like the Goons. The dysfunctional Gary (Peter Serafinowicz) and Barry (Phil Cornwell) run what's probably the ropiest pub in the East End, where you'd not believe that things could go on falling apart even more. Their mate Dodgy Phil (Kevin Eldon) is always coming up with schemes to transform the place into somewhere that's really electric , such as a bookshop pub, but you, unlike those hapless boys, know it's always going to collapse into further failure.

World of Pub also features Martin Freeman, David Walliams and Tamsin Greig: virtually all the actors have gone on to bigger things.

How on Earth did most of miss the series when it was on tv? It's a shame there are no extras on the dvd and the slightly grating laughter track may annoy you if you prefer to make your own. 

I didn't pay £15.99 at the BBC Shop. Try around and you'll get it for around £11½. You may be able to view some clips at www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/worldofpub/behindthescenes/clips.shtml

  ©RKW  from the Spring 2009 edition of O-to-K